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      The Development of Essential Profession Competency Model for Future Nursing Under the Jurisdiction of the Naval Medical Department 

      Collection: Theses (Ph.D) - Development Education / ดุษฎีนิพนธ์ - พัฒนศึกษา
      Type: Thesis
      Orawan SUPANPOP; อรวรรณ สุพรรณภพ; Chaiyos Paiwithayasiritham; ไชยยศ ไพวิทยศิริธรรม; Silpakorn University. Education (Silpakorn University, 12/7/2019)
      This research aimed to 1) study competency and profession competency model for nursing at the present time 2) development of the essential profession competency model for future nursing of the naval medical department and ...

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